Techisbae.com was launched with a specific end goal - to convey the most recent information on technology, gadgets (smartphones, laptops, smart watches), internet of things, reviews and blogging tips to Nigerians and different nations of the world.

Our content writers are tech savvies with the aim of delivering quality posts to our readers.

Technology Is Before Anything Else (Also known as Tech Is Bae) was founded on March 8, 2017 and is currently operated from the City of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


Kachi OjiehKachi Ojieh
CEO and Founder

A Computer Science Graduate, residing in Port Harcourt who founded Technology Is Before Anything Else (Tech Is Bae) is an effective, confident and passionate blogger. He has had keen interest on technology, startups and gadgets since 2007 due to his regular visits, reading and contributing to Tech forums and blogs in Nigeria.

Kachi’s first blog post on Techisbae.com was on a mind blowing question “Are There People In Nigeria Who Have Never Heard Of Or Seen An Andriod Phone?” -  READ HERE.

Outside blogging, he also has interest in the well-being of friends and neighbors’ and loves to help others whenever the opportunity comes.

Charles EdemeCharles Edeme
Social Media Manager, Contributor

Joined Tech Is Bae from the conception of the idea in March 2017. He is hardworking, intelligent and a social guy. He develops marketing strategies and manages the brand social media presence.

Charles continues to improve the quality of the social media content found on Tech Is Bae Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Channels.

Chioma OjiehChioma Ojieh
Content Writer

A graduate of Mass Communication. an active, friendly and passionate writer who has practical experience in content writing and provides relevant articles to Tech Is Bae.

Chioma understands the targeted audience and continues to write engaging articles that keeps readers coming back for more.

Kelvin Umeh Kelvin Umeh
Content Writer

A Computer Science Graduate, Joined Tech Is Bae in March 2017. He is pragmatic and helps bring life to the contents found on the site.

Kelvin continues to develop ideas to make sure readers get the best out of every post they read.